About Me

I’m an Irish-Catholic, Bentley ’08 grad currently living and working in CT. As an undergrad, I was a Management major with double minors in Information Design & Corporate Communication (IDCC) and Sociology. I’m currently working on my Masters of Science Management in Operations Management at New England College.

I’ve always been a very active person and a leader in most that I do. These qualities are why I took part in Bentley’s Civic Leadership Program and took the graduation pledge to continue to keep ethics in the forefront of all that I do and to remain an active leader in the communities I will continue to be part of as I grow up. I currently a member of the Monroe Youth Commission.

Aside from that, I love having a good time. I enjoy being outdoors and surrounded by those who are close to me. My most relaxing day would include listening to some live music (preferably anything country or some Dave Matthews Band) and hanging out with my friends. Being outside is what makes me happiest, even if it’s wintertime; from hiking to biking to snow shoeing, there’s nothing I would rather do than enjoy the outdoors.

My other passion in life is anything related to sports. I’ve tried almost every sport I’ve had the chance to, from soccer to basketball to softball and lacrosse, I’ve even done the Luge and played water polo in college. I’m a true New Yorker, and no matter where I end up, I’ll always be rooting for my hometown teams; the New York Giants, Rangers & Yankees.

“Why LaMarGoti?” you ask? Truth be told, I did not come up with this nickname on my own — my younger sister did. It’s stands for my name, just a very shortened, and squashed together version of it.


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