>I know I’ve been missing for a while and I’m sorry about that. This is going to be short, but I promise I will soon be updating much more often.

Life in the real world can become overwhelming. In a day and age when you are expected to do everything, be everywhere and know everything, I am beginning to find that it not possible to be all and do all. I have a full-time job, and am most grateful for it, but thanks to the fact at least 62 1/2 hours of my week are consumed by work and my commute with no computer access to the internet, it seems I don’t have enough time for everything I would like to do. On top of work, I am still in PT for my shoulder and work with the youth group at my church. These two extra activities and sleep seem to keep me more than busy enough lately.

Even though life is more hectic and crazy at times than I thought it would be, I enjoy being a part of it. I really do like being involved and doing things. I am currently in the process of designing my very own Web site — www.lamargoti.com. I finally got something up, I have a bit more work to do on the content and I am working on a new layout, but I could use some feedback. So please hit up my site and let me know what you think. So I’m going to spend a good portion of my upcoming free time working on my site and I am spending the last week of July chaperoning the mission trip for my church. Once this month is over and I start to have some more time around a computer, I hope to update more often. Plus I’ve got it set up so that I can now update from my phone by e-mailing in blogs… And in the mean time, check out my travels blog to read about my vacation to Maine for the 4th of July.
That’s all for now.
Peace out cub scout.

I’m back

>So I have been thinking about this for a while and I have decided I really do want to come back and start blogging again. I know I’ve said this before, but the last few months I have had a strong urge to do it and at least now I have some time for it. Plus, being in the real world, I now feel that I have a lot to say about some topics.

So quick recap from my last posts…I graduated from college last May. I moved home to Connecticut and took the summer off to relax, lifeguard and figure out life. In the process of figuring out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be, the economy plummeted and took the job market with it. In a freak turn of events, I ended up with tickets to opening night of the Rangers game with my dad; I took his phone to reply to a message from my cousin’s husband and ended up with a job. I work for a freight cargo company in Manhattan and even though its not my dream job, I have a job and I usually enjoy it. Plus I’m learning a lot about an industry I knew nothing about.

Even though I spend at least two-thirds of my day sleeping, commuting and working, I have realized that besides the college life style, Boston and of course my friends, what I really miss is the conversations I had in my sociology classes. I miss questioning why people do what they do. I miss debating what is in fact the norm. I miss having to think, like really think, about things that really matter in this world. So that’s what I’m dedicating this to; a place for me to vent and share about what I view going on in the world around me.