Whiskey & Pearls

Whiskey & Pearls? Why yes, they are two of my favorite things!! Along with sunglasses, flip flops, coffee, sunflowers, gardening and travel.

I’m an Irish-Catholic coffee addict. I’m a whiskey drinkin’ country girl. I’m a Materials Manager by day but have learned that I would have really enjoyed a career in farming. I enjoy being outdoors and surrounded by those who are close to me. My most relaxing day would include listening to some live music (preferably anything country or some Dave Matthews Band), being out in my yard, tending to my plants and topping the day off sitting around the fire with a cold one in my hand and my favorite people with me.

We adopted two cats in the spring of 2016 as kittens; a short haired tabby named Charlie and his sister, a long haired tabby/Maine coon mix named Charcoal (which you probably already know if you follow me on Instagram as they are so spoiled, that they have their own hashtag — #charlieandcharcoal).

My other passion in life is anything related to sports. I’ve tried almost every sport I’ve had the chance to, from soccer to basketball to softball and lacrosse, I’ve even done the Luge and played water polo in college. I’m a true New Yorker, and no matter where I end up, I’ll always be rooting for my hometown teams; the New York Giants, Rangers & Yankees.

I’m a 2008 Bentley grad with a Management major with double minors in Information Design & Corporate Communication (IDCC) and Sociology. I have a Masters of Science Management in Operations Management from New England College and my MBA in Project Management. I’ve even got a certificate in Women in Leadership from eCornell.

This site has evolved over the years. I began blogging in the fall of 2006 when I was studying abroad and wanted to keep all my friends and family updated on my adventures (before Facebook was as big as it is now). Since then, it has morphed a few times as I struggled with keeping up with having a blog and posting to it. I always had grand aspirations to write often but as with many things, life got in the way. I have finally come to the conclusion that it’s OK to not post frequently, but rather when I have something of meaning to post… so here we are now. As of my 31st birthday, I have rebranded my site into a collection of my various thoughts and phases, from my beginnings as a student blogger in 2006 to a professional with a need for a creative outlet.