Maine — Day 3

Yesterday morning was our last day in Maine. I woke up earlier than Mary and Kristen to head to St. Mary’s for mass. It was a cute little church and you could tell it was a parish of elderly people and some of us that we there just for vacation. After mass, I headed back to the hotel for us to pack up and check out before we headed out.

Our first stop was in York at Stonewall Kitchen, where we spend far too long wandering the store. We all tried new things and came up with a whole bunch of things each of us liked and wanted to cook with. We then tried to find downtown Kittery to drive around another little seaside town, but we were not able to find anymore than the outlets so we decided to head back to Ogunquit. We drove from Kittery to Ogunquit along the water which was very nice. We decided to spend a little bit of time on the beach in Ogunquit while eatting lunch (ice cream for all of us). It was a gorgeous day and getting to spend some time on the beach before heading home for a long drive was just what I needed.

Again, we were extremely fortunate and did not hit much traffic on the way home. The most traffic we hit was on the Mass Pike (I-90) where there was rubbernecking due to an accident on the other side of the highway.

Here’s all my pictures from Maine.

Maine — Day 2

Today we woke up and headed to Portland early in the morning. We wanted to get there early to get our tickets for our ferry to Bailey Island. We were plenty early, but we were glad as we got to walk around downtown Southern Portland. While exploring the area, we stumbled across the US Customs House which made me really excited as I work in the import/export industry and actually know a bit about customs and regulations now. Then while walking down the street Mary and I found a sign that made us both very happy…

After exploring a bit, we went back to the ferry terminal and boarded the ferry. It took about two hours to get to Bailey Island. The view from the ferry was a bit dull as there was plenty of fog in the morning, but it was a nice ride out. We ate at a place called Cooks, then wandered around a bit taking in the sights. The ferry ride back was better, minus the brief 3 minute downpour. We were able to get much better pictures and see further out from the boat.

We then headed back to the hotel to change into some warmed clothes and drove down to Kennebunkport. We walked around downtown for a bit and headed to Alisson’s for dinner. It was one of the greatest meals out that I have eaten in a while. I had the best steak tips I’ve ever had (and those of you who know me, know I eat my fair share of meat). We then stopped by the local candy store to buy some fudge and headed down to Gooch’s Beach to see the town fireworks.

Maine — Day 1

So we woke up bright and early yesterday morning, 5:15 for me, which was hard since we got home at 12:10AM. Mary and I got our stuff together and headed to Dunkin’ Donuts before picking Kristen up. Once we were all in the car, we got a full tank of gas and got on the road. Fortunately we didn’t hit traffic at all on the way there. We were checked into the hotel and in our room at about 11AM.

After changing and figuring out what to do, we got some more gas and headed to Ogunquit for the afternoon. We walked around the downtown area, ate some lunch and headed down to the beach. The water was a bit cold, but refreshing to put our feet in. After spending a bit of time on the beach, we took another stroll around downtown Ogunquit.

We decided to go to Mike’s Clam Shack for dinner. It’s a nice place in Wells, ME where apparently a bunch of the locals go. It was good food and reasonable for us. Kristen and I had our lobster dinners that are a must have when visiting Maine. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel we stayed at in Biddeford. We took a little dip in the pool before heading to our room and were all fast asleep quickly.