Pictures from California

All my pictures are up on Shutterfly and can be found through the following links:

Pictures from San Fran:

Pictures from Yosemite:

Pictures from Carmel/Monterey:

BTW – some of the pictures are blurry due to all the haze and smoke from the forest fires which aren’t all too far from where we were at.

Day 9 – Monterey

Today I got ready before waking the others up again and Joan stayed in bed for a while since she said she had a pain in her leg. We finally got ready so we could get breakfast at the hotel before it was over.

After breakfast we headed to Monterey and to the Aquarium. This was an amazing aquarium and we spent hours there. I loved that there we penguins!!! I was so excited. While we were there we grabbed lunch and I had an amazing Hawaiian pizza. Then we went for a walk down Cannery Row and had a wonderful dinner. I got steak and a drink. The steak was great, not so much the drink.

Now we are back at the hotel and packing pretty much everything up since we are heading back to San Fran tomorrow and home the next day.