Day 25 – Hosting the Holidays

I am thankful for the opportunity to host holidays at our house. And at the same time, thankful we didn’t host Thanksgiving this year. It’s been a hectic year and this has been a very hectic week with it being mom’s birthday, squeezing a week worth of work into two days, getting ready for Italy and other family plans this weekend; so I was relieved that I also didn’t have to cook a Thanksgiving dinner this year. But I am looking forward to Christmas, where we will be hosting. It’s the first time we’ve hosted Christmas Day, over the past four years, we’ve done Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas Eve, but never Christmas Day. I’m excited for something new. I’m excited to spend the day not leaving my house. I’m excited for everyone to see our house decorated for the holidays!! I love the feeling of getting prepared and seeing our family relax while we do the work. It’s a blessing being able to have our families and friends over, and an extra blessing when it happens for a holiday.

week in review

I spent last weekend with my cousins in Naas. They took me horse racing on Saturday and I babysat my cousins one night. Then I came back on Sunday and chilled in the apartment.

Monday night we spent most of the afternoon and evening pregamming and then some of us went out with Scott’s friends from home. We went to Redz with E2 drinks all night which was amazing. Let’s just say that night ended interestingly.

Tuesday I spent doing work. I finished my huge entrepreneurial management paper. Then on Wednesday I finished my last paper of the semester. Then a bunch of us left history early to hit up the bar on campus. When I came back, everyone was in the house drinking and we stayed in drinking til 7am.

And then there was yesterday; Thanksgiving. But they obviously don’t celebrate here in Ireland. So we decided that we would make our own dinner at the apartmant for everyone. Here’s the catch, there is no turkeys in the supermarket until closer to Christmas so we couldn’t eat turkey. So we decided to go all out for Thanksgiving, but make chicken instead of turkey. So we cooked 6 chickens, 34 pounds of mashed potatoes, 5 boxes of stove top stuffings, canberry sauce, turkey gravy and 8 loaves of garlic bread for 19 people. And for dessert, we bought 3 lbs of ice cream, 4 apple pies, mini elcairs and cheesecake.

We spent the entire day drinking wine and ended up going out to a pub called Buskers. Buskers had red, white and blue decorations and had the Thanksgiving football games on tv and it was great.