Day 18 – Bible Study

I am thankful that I am doing a Psalm 119 Bible Study 🙏🏻 with my friend Jenna who is living clear across the world in Cambodia! Doing a bible study allows me to not only be closer to Christ, but gives Jenna and I a way to stay close and encourages us to communicate almost daily 😊 And as an added bonus, it’s letting me work out some of my lingering questions and anger regarding my mom’s passing.

Pictures from California

All my pictures are up on Shutterfly and can be found through the following links:

Pictures from San Fran:

Pictures from Yosemite:

Pictures from Carmel/Monterey:

BTW – some of the pictures are blurry due to all the haze and smoke from the forest fires which aren’t all too far from where we were at.

Day 6 – Yosemite

So today was the day I was most looking forward to by far. I got to go bike riding through Yosemite Valley. After waking up again at 7:30am and grabbing breakfast at the hotel (today I had fruit loops and an english muffin), we headed to Yosemite via 140 to the Western entrance.

First we walked to Briadalvail Fall. It was awesome and Kevin and I hiked to the bottom of the fall. Then we stopped at the Old Chapel, which is all that is left of the Old Yosemite Village. We then parked in the day use lost and went to the store. Then we boarded the tram/shuttle thing that goes around the Valley and went to the Yosemite Lodge where we rented bikes. At this point, I separated from Joan and Kevin and went on a 1 1/2 hour bike ride all over the valley. First I headed down to Curry Village and saw some amazing views on my way. Then I parked my bike and hiked up to Mirror Lake, which didn’t end up being as exciting as I thought it would be since the haze ruined some of the views and the reflection of Half Dome in the lake was distorted by all the people swimming in the lake due to the 90+ degree weather.

After my bike ride, I hiked to the Lower Yosemite fall. It was gorgeous and definitely the most crowded place I saw anywhere in the park. I then went back to the store and grabbed a burger before meeting back up with Joan and Kevin to head back.

When we got back to Mariposa, I got a fruit salad and baked potato for dinner. Even though it doesn’t seem like a great dinner, it was exactly what I needed. We all went for a swim again and now we’re watching Harry Potter #5. Tomorrow we are off to Carmel Valley…

Day 5 – Yosemite

Today we woke up at 7:30am to get some breakfast at the hotel. I made a waffle and had what I think was 1/2 OJ and 1/2 Sunny D…it sure wasn’t just OJ. Then we were off to Yosemite’s Southern entrance via 49 and 41.

We first hit up the Mariposa Groves and the Giant Sequoias. We took a shuttle to the grove, a tram through it and the shuttle back. The tram ride was so worth it. Then we drove up to Glacier Point which was absolutely amazing!!! I can’t even begin to describe what I saw, all I can say is check out my pictures which are coming soon. BTW – some of the pictures are blurry due to all the haze and smoke from the forest fires which aren’t all too far from where we’re at.

On the way back to Mariposa, we grabbed dinner in Oakhurst and I had a wonderful hot turkey and potato dinner. When we got back I jumped in the pool to cool off and now we’re watching some TV and relaxing.

Day 4 – San Fran to Mariposa

This morning we woke up and finished packing to leave San Fran. We went across the street to get our rental car from Avis. It’s a Buick Lucerne. We checked out and loaded up the car then grabbed another breakfast from Denny’s. This time I had a bagel with cream cheese and jelly and some hash browns. While we were hitting up the bathrooms to clean up and get ready for our drive out east, the hotel lost power briefly.

Then we had a 3 hour, no traffic, drive to Mariposa. It’s a small town near Yosemite that we are staying at for the next 3 nights…we are at the Yosemite Inn. When we checked in, you could tell we were not in the city anymore and Joan and Kevin found it all too funny that the people hear may be missing a tooth or two and are very country-ish. We then grabbed some lunch at the Miner’s Inn across the road where I had a gigantic taco salad.

Then we hit up the tourism center and got info on how to get to Yosemite and took a drive through town. We then went swimming in the ridiculously small and freezing pool in the hotel. We grabbed some dinner on the main road in town at a pizzeria which ended up being packed by the time we left.