week 3

the last week and a half….

Last Monday night was amazing. Jo and Moira came with me to see my cousin Tom Allen play his banjo at a pub called Hughes. It was such a great night cause it was a real irish pub with a great atmosphere. It was awesome to have a nice night out experiencing true Irish culture.

Tuesday night we all went out to celebrate Tom’s 21st birthday, which was Wednesday. We went out to this nice Italian restaurant in Temple Bar. Then we went to Porterhouse and since they close at 11:30pm, they gave us cards to get into the VIP bar upstairs for free. So we go upstairs and after I buy a round of shots at midnight and spend too much, we realize that Michael Jordan is in the club too. So all the girls and Tom ended up getting to meet him.

Then on Thursday night I went to Naas to visit my cousins. I had quite a wonderful weekend with Margaret, Peter and the boys. We watched most of the Ryder Cup and had a good time. When I got their on Thursday, Margaret and Eoin met me at the train station and when we got back to their house, Eoin asked me to help him decorate the front window for the Ryder Cup. On Friday night, Margaret and Peter took me out for dinner at a nice restaurant in Naas to celebrate Conor and my birthdays. On Saturday, we took a break from watching the Ryder Cup and Margaret took Eoin and me to the gym to go swimming. And then on Sunday, Seamus, Marion and their daughter, Alison, came to Margaret’s for the afternoon. We had a lovely dinner and played some baseball in the backyard. Then Seamus, Marion and Alison drove me back to my apartment as they live closer to the city center than Margaret.

On Monday night we all went out for my birthday. We went to another Italian place and had a good time.

But yea. Thats all that’s new here. I’ll update soon enough….

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