Irish House Party & Naas

On Thursday night, the school had another field trip. This one was here in Dublin at a pub called Toners. But before the night out, a bunch of us from Merrion Square (everyone not in Amesterdam) and some of the kids from Stephens Lane chilled at the apartment and started the night a bit early. To the left is a picture of all the residents of Merrion Square and Stephens Lane, plus Dorothy, that were in attendance Thursday night. Then we went to Toners for an Irish House Party. At the house party, we learned some Irish dances, a song in Gaelic and learned about the history of Irish music. After the party, I went out with Andrew, Mary and Andrea, three other kids in my program here. We met up with Mark and Matt who are also in our program. I ended up staying out really late with Andrea, Matt and Mark, but we all had a great nite.

So this weekend, I went to Naas to visit my cousins again. Naas is a town about 30 min. south of Dublin in Co. Kildare. I woke up pretty early to catch a train to Naas and I made it there before lunch. Margaret collected me at the train station in Sallins and took me back to her house. Then she took my to the Irish National Stud and Japanese Gardens in Kildare. We had a nice walk around and saw a bunch of gorgeous old race horses; however, I kept my distance as I didn’t want to have another bad allergy attack. The picture to the right is of me in one of the gardens. Friday night Margaret and Peter made a lovely turkey dinner – it almost felt like Thanksgiving.

On Saturday morning, I went to see Conor play in the Under-16 Hurling match, he scored a couple of points. His team won the shield; this was a match for the two teams that lost in the semi-finals, so in essence they came in third. Then we stopped by the house for a quick bite and went off to see Eoin in his football match, unfortunatley they lost. And this afternoon Conor had another hurling match. This one was the final for the Under-14 for the League. They won this game as well with a score of 4-19 to 0-7: thats a total of 31 points to 7 and Conor scored 3 goals and 6 points (a total of 15 points). The pictures below are of my cousins. The one on the left is from Eoin’s football match; he is the one in front in the blue and white shirt. And to the right is of Conor in his match today; he is also in blue and white.

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