I flew over early on Tuesday morning to Edinburgh and flew back early Thursday morning, so I had two full days in Scotland. On Tuesday I met up with two girls from high school and walked around Edinburgh. It is a beautiful city and the views all around the city are breath taking. I went to an exhibit about the Scotish Tattoo which is a big military show with militaries from all over the world being represented and playing music. I also saw how the woolen mills make the different family patterns and went on a Scotch Whiskey Tour. We ate dinner at a Chinese Buffet, which I know sounds stupid, but it was the cafe where J.K. Rowling started to write Harry Potter.

On Wednesday, my friend Emily and I went on a day bus tour of the Highlands. We stopped in Glencoe and some other nice piture taking places on the way up to Loch Ness. On the way, we passed by the Harry Potter Bridge. When we got to Loch Ness, we went on a boat in the Loch and learned about the Loch and what’s inside it; unfortunately, I didn’t see the monster. After Loch Ness, we made two more stops on our way back to Edinburgh.

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