Day 3 – San Fran

Today we slept in and woke up late. We went next door to have breakfast in the hotel restaurant. I had some amazing french toast. Then we spent 45 minutes looking for something for Kevin since his wire in his bottom brace is poking the inside of his mouth. Eventually we just got him some gauze.

We then boarded a ferry to Alcatraz at 12:40pm and left at 1:10pm. It was only a 20 minute ferry ride, but I met people from Naas who not only know Margaret, Peter & the boys, but on of their sons is on Conor’s hurling team that Peter coaches! Small world or what?!?! I walked up to the cell house on my own and had a nice walk. It was nice to have some space from Joan and Kevin. The tour inside the prison was a guided audio tour and a learned a lot. Plus I got a phone call from friends at home and it was nice to hear from all them 🙂 We got back on the 4:15pm ferry.

From there we headed to Pier 39 and ate at Wipeout. It was a fun restaurant and I had amazing clam chowder in a sourdough bowl. Then we headed back to the hotel to pack up as we are off to Mariposa & Yosemite tomorrow morning! I’m so excited and it’s what I’m looking forward to the most.

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