Day 8 – Pebble Beach & Pacific Grove

Today I woke up at 7:30am, got ready and then woke everyone up before we headed to breakfast. My day was made when they had raisin bagels and chocolate muffins 🙂

We drove back through Carmel and to Pebble Beach, via the Carmel Gate where we hopped on the 17-mile drive. There will be plenty of pictures up for you to see of the views. The whole thing is gorgeous and I really hope that I can go back and play some golf there some day. We left Pebble Beach via the Pacific Grove Gate. We went for another drive along the ocean in Pacific Grove. We ate lunch in the historic downtown at Toasties. None of our lunches sat well with any of us…

We also went for a walk through the town and saw many antique stores. We stopped in at the American Can Tinnery and walked around while I had my conference call about my reunion. Then we played black light mini golf. Kevin and I were in the lead by 1 after the front 1/2 and I ended up winning by 1 and was 4 ahead of Joan.

We got back to the hotel at 4:30pm so I went up to the wine and cheese hour that the hotel has and I was the only one there, but I got some good white wine. We then went into Carmel Valley and had an awesome dinner at the Running Iron. We were the first tourists they have had in a while and the waiter was hilarious!

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