something borrowed

>I have spent this evening (and night) catching up on the blogs that I follow. For the past four years or so, I have been following Frank Warren’s Post Secret. Reading other people’s secrets really does make you realize that you are not alone.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how everyone has an online identity. When Facebook announced that people could get their own unique web addresses for their FB profiles, I knew immediately what mine was going to be. I have the same name for pretty much everything I do in the way of social networking. Yes, this is beneficial because I can use a unique name on many sites and it makes it much easier to keep everything together. But in thinking about this, I started to wonder if this is going to affect society in the future. After I die, will this blog still be here? Will my great-grandchildren be able to read this and see what life was like now?
I’m getting tired and need sleep before work tomorrow, so I will come back to this topic soon and blog about it some more, but before I say much more, I want to mull over my thoughts that have been going through my mind since I saw a video that Frank posted on this week’s Sunday Secrets and I hope that you all watch it and think about where society is heading. I still don’t know if I really feel this is a good thing or not. And I’m not sure society will know that answer until long after we are all dead.
That’s all for now.
Peace out cub scout.

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