#ImWithHer — Now What?

Tonight many of us are feeling uneasy, nervous, worried. We thought we would be waking up knowing America elected our first female president. We assumed an inexperienced man would not be elected to the highest position in our government. We could go on for hours about this being unjust or fixed or a hoax. We could list millions of reasons why this happened. We could spend days asking questions….

Sixteen years ago we had a very strenuous outcome in an election, we survived it. We can survive it again. Regardless of how you voted, it’s time to continue. This is America. This is a result of democracy. We need to come together as one nation. We need to support our neighbors. We need to make sure that we, the people of the United States, are heard from and not dismissed. We must come together to ensure all of our freedoms remain intact and that the future of our nation allows generations to come to flourish.

Trump supporters, don’t gloat, it doesn’t look good on you. Hillary supporters, spend a few days mourning, but don’t wallow in it, it will only suck you dry. We all have one duty now: Be an adult. Respect those around you; don’t bully others. Let’s show the world what America can do. We are one nation, we are strong, we will not let this get us down.

I am just as shocked and saddened as you. I have my doubts and fears of what all of this means. I only ask that we all please remember that we already have enough inequalities and injustices in our lives, we don’t need more. We, as one, can work to ensure the future of our country. We still have the power to prove #lovetrumpshate

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