Day 1 – Tom

I am thankful for my boyfriend. Not because I have one but for all that he does and who he is. He makes me a better person, always pushing me to be better, pushing me to be the best me I can be.

When I mentioned that I was thinking maybe I could go back for an MBA (even though I already have my MSM), he wanted to know why — how would it help me and my career, what would it take, what (if any) would the downfalls of it be? When I lay it all out, it’s and obvious decision, go back and get it, he sees that and he is pushing me to do it, even though it means we will have less time together and I will have less time to do work around the house.

This year, when the unimaginable happened, he was there for me, no questions asked, ever. Mom needed me and he knew that – my top priority was her and doing everything I could for her. When that meant I stopped doing laundry or cleaning dishes, he picked up my slack. When it was time to empty mom’s house and pack up boxes, he moved all the heavy stuff, he emptied the attic, he cleaned the basement, he made sure everything around the house was fixed up to sell it. When it was time to move the boxes out of the house, he loaded it all up and brought it home. He knew going through everything took an emotional toll on me and he did literally everything he could so I’d have less to do.

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