last week of classes

Last week was the end of classes. I had my last class on Wednesday at noon and then I had a history exam at 6pm. I finished it within an hour but think I did fine. That night I stayed in at the apartment hanging out with the roommates.

Thursday I slept in til almost two in the afternoon…sad thing is, I was the first one at the apartment to get up. It was our farewell dinner at Blackrock that night. It was really nice, but made me sad to think that we are almost done with being here. Afterwards, we all came back to Merrion Square and then went out. We couldn’t get in anywhere as a big group, so I went to Porterhouse in Temple bar with two Notre Dame kids that I met that night.

Friday I slept in again, but this time only til noon. Then I went to Seamus and Marion’s for the weekend to hang out with Laura, Louise and Alison. On Sunday, they brought me to Margaret’s, which is where I am right now.

So this week is our week off. And I have tonsillitis. Yes – tonsillitis. Way to go me! At least I am with my cousins so I can sleep all day and relax and not deal with everything else. I’ve just been chillin here and studying. Yesterday I went out to the west coast to see my family out there for one last time before I go home.

Speaking of which, I changed my flight…I’ll be home on Dec. 21st. So now, I’ll be back in the ridge prior to Christmas. And then I have my shoulder surgery on the 28th….

Anyways – I miss you all!
Only two more weeks. xoxo

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