and so, the final countdown begins…


So I’ve been thinking a lot that I need to start blogging again. It was something I did when I lived in Dublin and it helped me decompress while keeping friends at home in the know. As I sit here pregamming for senior pub night, I can’t help but think about when one of my best friends, Jenna, said to me earlier. She told me about her blog she wrote today and how in kindergarden she remembers celebrating the 100th day of school and tonight we are celebrating being 100 calendar days away from being college graduates, whether we like it or not. I too celebrated the 100th day of school when I was in kindergarden…at VP we did it every year ’til the 3rd grade I believe.

100 used to be a big number. It used to mean something really profound. Now a 100 only represents what I strive for on exams. But not today, today 100 is who many days left until I’m thrown out into the great big world, hoping to land on my feet. When I think about it, 100 days from now will come quicker than anyone can imagine. There is so much to do before it is up and I am almost scared to see it come. I am scared to see it come because I know that I will be home in three weeks to see my cousin, who is barely 2 months older than me, get married. When I’m there I’ll probably see another cousin, who is only 3 months older than me, who’s already signed on to a full-time job after graduation. I’ll see another cousin and his wife who’s pregnant and then there’s my cousin who has a 2 1/2-year-old daughter. This scares me. I’m not ready for the real world. I like the comfort of school. I know what I’m doing tomorrow and I have a set schedule. I am comfortable with my routine and I have it all down. But 101 days from now…I have no idea what will be 101 days from now. Then I think about these next 100 days. It may seem like it’s going to come and be gone before I can believe, but really, I’ve still got another 100 days to grow up and get ready to face the real world. I was in Dublin for 117 days and I know how much I changed when I was there. 100 days is how long summer break is, and I know I have changed every summer I go home. So now, I’ve got my last 100 days to prepare to go out into the great big world and take it head on. People keep telling me I’ve already grown up, but I know I still have a long way to go. So I’m back to my blog to document my last 100 days as a college student. And with that, here begins…our final chapter as kids…


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