Day 7 – Democracy

**sorry for posting this a day late, I fell asleep waiting for the election results before I finished typing this up**
Today, on Election Day, I am thankful for democracy.​ I am thankful that as an American, we all get a say in who leads our town, state, country. I am thankful that I get a say in my town’s budget. I am thankful I get to make my own decisions. Today we witnessed history, the first transgender elected official was elected today, kicking out an incumbent who by all means is 100% against her and her life.
Every four years we hear about how great democracy is, and it’s not just because it’s leap year! The biggest conversations about democracy come about because of our presidential elections. Last year was by no means my first go at it, and it was not the first time my candidate lost, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. But last year was different, not just because we had the opportunity to elect the first female president, but because there was so much hatred, and still is. Whether you are for or against Trump, there is one thing we cannot deny – the results of last November have drummed up something inside of many. While I am sure that turnout today was not the same as it was a year ago, there has been more, and constant communication about everyone needing to get out and vote to be sure their voices are heard. And voices have been heard – yesterday proved that we can come together and make change.

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